Warrior Island Artists & Creators.

Peter Cacho

Peter Cacho is a very talented artist that has been with us since the beginning.

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Chucky Penero

Chucky Penero is the lead artist for the Warrior Island Comic Book Series.

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Jabaar L. Brown

Jabaar is new to the team but not new to comics he has been on the scene for a while.

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Sandra Bertone comic book artists


Sandra was a Warrior Island Intern in 2017 and created the original Tikis for us. comic books artists comic book artists

Robert Garrett

Robert was my original partner in building this series.  We are very sad of his passing.

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Sifu Cliff Kupper

Sifu Cliff Kupper is an Executive Producer and Contributor to the Comic and TV series.

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Julian Aguilera


Juian has always been there for Warrior Island Comics.   From issue 1 with Robert Garrett and James Jefferson all the way to present as we are producing quarterly comics and promotions. 

Occupational Skills  Pencils, Inks, layouts, Photoshop, Digital Color/ digital painting, letters and

traditional painting.erior comic book work and character design work